Scientific Programme

The contributions of well-known keynote lecturers will be accentuating the conference topic. Prof. Dr. Jens Asendorpf (Berlin) will be talking about personality development from childhood till early adulthood. Prof. Dr. Ursula Staudiger (Bremen) will be focusing her lecture on personality development from the view of life-span psychology. Prof. Dr. Gunnar Breivik (Oslo) will be speaking about aspects of personality in performance sports, while Prof. Dr. Thomas Rammsayer (Berne) will be presenting current approaches of intelligence research leading to reflections about this research's potential to investigations in the field of sport science. Moreover, special interest sessions shall be organised offering the opportunity for deeper discussions and exchanges about aspects of this year's conference theme.

The scientific programme will be accompanied by further German and English interest sessions as well as chaired poster sessions. As in every annual conference of the asp, all contributions, even though not directly related to this year's theme are also welcome.
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